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What Is A Cubic Yard?

Pat stands next to a two cubic yard bucket. Laying down on the job!
A cubic yard is one yard cubed, or twenty seven cubic feet. It is the standard measurement that Caputo Recycling uses for selling bulk mulch and bulk top soil. The cubic yard is a valuable unit of measurement to help assure that you are getting the value you expect when purchasing landscaping materials. When purchased, these materials are loaded with a large front-loader bucket into the customerís truck or trailer. In the above left photo, you can see pat in front of the front loader bucket which contains two cubic yards. The accepted standard of measurement in the mulch industry is the cubic yard.

One cubic yard, two inches deep, covers 162 square feet.

Two cubic yards of mulch fills a standard pick-up truck bed.

Two cubic yards, two inches deep, covers 324 square feet.

Ten cubic yards cover 1620 square feet at two inches depth.


Click here to access our mulch calculator.

To calculate the number of cubic yards required for a landscaping project, simply click on the mulch calculator link and plug in your square footage and the depth of the applied mulch. The mulch calculator quickly determines the cubic yardage you will need so you don't over estimate or under estimate
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